Sunglow Updates

2014 Annual Sunglow Group “Extraordinary Employee”


In order to summarize the past experience, build up the standard and honor the employee’s contribution, Sunglow Group hosted the 2014 Selection Activity of Extraordinary Employee to honor those who were faithful to the Group, positive in working and responsible. With reference to public votes, performance evaluation and opinions from all levels of leaders, Hong Xiongwei from Administrative Headquarters, Zheng Suli from HR Headquarters and Gu Lianping from Financial Department were honored “Extraordinary Employee”.

Administrative Headquarters: Hong Xiongwei
Reason for Election: Responsible for work, meticulous during general relocation of the Group, construction of Group website and business email, computer management, etc.


HR Headquarters: Zheng Suli
Reason for Election: Effectively assist the leaders execute the commitment work of the Group and all divisions, stipulate HR policies, etc.


Financial Department: Gu Lianping
Reason for Election: Positive and responsible for own work, and effectively ensure the safety and effectiveness of fund settlement of the company.